Prof. Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh


Prof. Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh, University of JordanJordan

Professor Riad Taha Al-Kasasbeh received his MS in Engineering Science and Ph.D. in Controlling Biological and Electronic Equipment, and his PhD from Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University ETU “LETI”, He was a postdoctoral fellow at Konstanz University (Germany). He is currently a Professor at the University of Jordan. He is a member of professional organizations and co-author of over 110 papers (Editions: Springer, IEEE, Taylor & Francis, IASTED, Inderscience, Elsevier, etc.). He is a Visiting Professorship at several Universities including Philadelphia University, Konstanz University (Germany)  (HTWG), and Karaganda State Industrial University ( Kazakhstan), "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" (MPEI). He was a Research Fellow of DFG at the HTWG. His research interests include biomedical instrumentation , biophysics, acupuncture, fuzzy logic decision-making, and medical and ecology information systems, Ergonomics. He presented his work at numerous international conferences as a keynote speaker. In addition. He has developed novel clinical methods for the prediction and early diagnosis of heart , stomach  diseases, also he has determined features for determining the level of psycho-emotional tension in the man-machine system operators using bio-active points based on fuzzy logic rules. As well as the projects manager in research and development projects that performs scientific research for the Industry and medical departments and organizations local and international .