Prof. Simon K.S. Cheung


Prof. Simon K.S.Cheung, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Hong Kong

( IET fellow,  IMA fellow, BCS fellow, HKIE fellow, HKCS fellow)

Dr.  Simon K.S. Cheung is currently the Director of IT at Hong Kong  Metropolitan University. He received his BSc and PhD  in Computer Science and MPA from City University of Hong Kong and  University of Hong Kong respectively, and was admitted as IET fellow,  IMA fellow, BCS fellow, HKIE fellow, HKCS fellow. He is active in  research with 200 publications in the form of books, book  chapters, journal articles and conference papers in two distinct areas,  namely, technology in education, and software and system engineering.  Award in recognition of his achievements include the Outstanding  Research Publication Award from Hong Kong Metropolitan  University, 1st class Achievement in Computer and IT from Shenzhen  Science and Technology Association, Outstanding CIO Award from Hong Kong  IT Joint Council, and Honoree for IT Excellence from CIO Asia.